The struggles and successes

I have never been a strong writer and this writing class has helped me realize/worked on my struggles of writing. Making my essays flow more smoothly has been a big factor in the writing process. These past couple months have given me a clearer path to writing papers. Also, I have improved on elaborating and explaining something more to the reader to grab the reader’s attention.

Things I continue to struggle with is making my essays how the professors want them exactly to be. Also I need to work on making my essays flow more smoothly. Even though I said I have improved in this area I still need to continue to work on it more. I also struggle with grammar. I need to work on making less grammar errors with different words to switch things up more.

My favorite writing project was probably the research essay. I wrote it on my grandpa and I found out a lot more information then I knew. It was interesting to learn what my grandpa did before I was even alive. Also, I struggled with finding the research to make it a strong essay. I need to learn on creating a better habit of digging to find good information of research. I am not one for finding research even though it was my own grandpa. Even though it was an interesting topic considering it was someone who I care deeply about, I struggled with making the essay flow and find enough information to fulfill the 1200 word minimum.


Writing in the future

Honestly, I am not one for writing, so in the future I most likely will not continue to write willingly. I do not post anything on Facebook but I do post some stuff on Twitter and Instagram and I do not write more than three sentences so it is not really writing. Of course, I am a typical college student who is addicted to their phone so I do send texts out frequently. Sometimes depending on the circumstance I will write long texts but overall I do not say more than probably two sentences on average. Writing never caught my eye and I do not enjoy it really.

I am a marketing major so I will need to write it in the future but until then I will not willingly write just for fun.  However, there is writing involved in marketing but a huge factor is strategizing so I will not necessarily be writing papers. Overall I will need writing but not intensely writing.

Honestly, I am not interested in publishing anything. Writing is definitely one of my weaknesses and I have also never had a desire to write anything more than I have to. I also do not say much in text messages or in my Facebook, twitter and Instagram posts.

Writing in the future only consists of writing what I have to write. But who knows, maybe over the years I will have a desire to write for fun. Until then I am only going to be writing what I have to write.

Writing to the Author

Dear, Brian Fischer

I can see where you are going with this article but it does not make sense why Obama would want to make the United States more vulnerable. We have worked hard to reach our greatest potential and other countries are scared of us. Not only scared but very jealous. I think that it has come to the point where people are trying to make excuses that he is trying to make the country better but he has been in office for six years now and he still is losing all of our hard earned money and coming up with things that do not make sense and are failing. I do think that he is trying but it is not working and he should come up with different tactics. But him trying to make us vulnerable does not make sense at all. That logic just brings down the United States.

I do agree I do not think that he is purposely trying to sabotage the United States. He could be trying but he is not trying hard enough or thinking logically because all he has been doing is losing our money. I agree we are coming back and having more jobs but it still is a struggle for some trying to get a job.

People are trying to stand up for him and make excuses why he has not really made this country better. It is just easier for people to make excuses than to realize that he is not thinking logically.

Same-sex marriage

Same- sex marriage continues to still be a huge topic talked about constantly. There has been a lot of controversy about the subject. Most Christians do not accept it because they are taught that it is a “sin” and against God. I am a Christian but how could God create a homosexual who is also his son and or daughter and look down on them and not allow them into the kingdom of God? Everyone says to just be yourself but how could you be yourself when society is constantly judging and bringing you down for something that was not your choice?

Some Christians take it to a whole new level. Christians or any religion preach to follow Gods commandments and not to judge others. One of the Ten Commandments is to love one another, and also God says not to judge others and yet that is all they do is judge, and will not accept gays for who they are.

It honestly does not make sense to me how God will not allow his gay or lesbian children into heaven for something they were born with. Some Christians do not open their minds and realize that the world continues to change everyday and things are not going to be the same as they were two thousand years ago or even yesterday.

I have a gay aunt who recently got married to the love of her life who also happens to be a woman. My family and I do not look at them any differently but accept them for who they are. If they are happy the way they are, they deserve to express their love and be treated like any other couple.


Vaughn Ward is a republican politician who plagiarized one of Barack Obamas speeches in 2004. Ward used the speech at an event in 2010. Even though the speech was not identical, but you can completely tell that Ward stole the speech but just changed up a few words.

Once Ward was caught, he was faced with charges for plagiarizing one of the Presidents of the United States of Americas, speeches. Of course that is a big deal. In the mix of it all he fired his campaign manager to try and help clear the air. Also, Sara Palin stood by him and defended Ward. Palin was a huge endorser for Ward so of course she is going to try and defend her own name as well. There was big controversy that did not help with his campaign.

This changed a lot of his followers’ minds because who would want someone who cannot even take the time to write a speech of his own. Ward deserves what he got. He thought that because Obama read the speech six years ago, no one would remember and he would get away with it. In reality when you have so many eyes on you waiting for you to make one mistake to take you down, they will do so. Word should have known that he was going to get caught. He deserves to be penalized for what he did.


Ever since Obama came up with his “Obama Care” insurance, it has screwed over many Americans and cost this country a whole lot of time and money. The stats on this article and how they are portraying it is making it sound like the numbers are doing excellent, when in reality we all know that it is failing miserably.

Because of this health care it has forced many Americans to change plans that is more expensive but with less coverage. This is what happened with my family and me. Because Obama changed the laws and brought Obama Care, which was supposed to help out everyone and save the people money but, has done the complete opposite. Now, my parents are paying a lot more money with less coverage that will not even cover my doctor’s appointments anymore. Now my parents have to pay out of pocket for my visits.

None of it makes sense of what they are saying because over all it has cost the American people so much of their hard earned money. Especially now that it is still pretty difficult time for us as we are still coming out of a big recession and people are still trying to get back on their feet.

They lied in this article to try and make Obama and his workers look better because they know that they screwed up but, it is too late to turn back. They still have hope that it is going to work out better for everyone but overall the real stats are telling a complete different story.

My Hero

One person that fascinates me a lot is my grandpa Joe. My grandpa is by far the strongest, kindest, most amazing man I have ever known. My grandpa was in the military and than went to New York Police Department but than him and my grandma moved down to Southern California because he was transferred to the Los Angeles Police Department. Even after retirement, he would volunteer for Fire Departments and also would still do work for the LAPD. He was amazing at what he did and was highly known and trusted by anyone who knew him. Being in the war and police department he has seen and been through a lot of horrible things that no human being should experience. Usually the things that he has been through would destroy someone’s life mentally and physically. My grandpa has always had a very warm caring heart and never let anything affect him or his family. Currently, my grandma has Alzheimer’s and obviously it is never easy to see a person you love slowly forget who you are. That is a big struggle for me and it is an even worst struggle for him to see his wife go through that. Even with all of this he still has a big smile on his face even though it is insanely hard and deep down I know he is falling apart. My grandpa is someone who has never put himself before his family or people he cares about. He is extremely humble and does not like to ask for anything. Everyday I strive to be someone like him. He is and always will be a true hero to me. Because he is retired LAPD there is not much research that you can find on him because everything he did was before the high tech computers and Internet. But he was won so many awards and his name is all over the Los Angeles Police Department.